SciCoh Youth Cheerleading 

2019 Season Information

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**All dates, times and locations are subject to change**

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Pre-season Mini Camp

August 13-14 with Scituate High School Varsity Cheerleaders. SciCoh teams will learn sideline cheers and halftime routines, as well as fun games and team bonding activities. Location, time, and cost TBD.

Pre-season Practice

Pre-season Practice

  • First pre-season practice is Tuesday, August 20th, 5:00-7:00pm.

  • Pre-season practice schedules: Tuesdays 5-7pm – ALL TEAMS; Wednesdays 5-7pm – COMPETITION TEAMS ONLY; Thursdays 5-7pm – ALL TEAMS. Location TBD.

  • Once the season starts, game teams will practice before their weekly game. Time TBD by coaches.

practice Dress Code & rules

  • Hair up in a high ponytail with no long bangs or loose hair which could obstruct vision. Cheerleaders must wear a bow.

  • T-shirt or wide strap tank tops only, with a bra/sports bra if necessary. No spaghetti strap tank tops.

  • Athletic shorts only, with spandex shorts/briefs under if shorts are loose fitting. No jeans, jean shorts or jean skirts.

  • Cheer sneakers - no bare feet, flip flops, sandals, platform, Converse or slip on sneakers.

  • For safety reasons, no jewelry, no long fingernails, and no nail polish.

  • We will have one Theme Day practice per week. Cheerleaders are expected to dress for the theme of the day.

  • Please drop off and pick up on time. No child will ever be left alone to wait for their ride, however, our volunteer coaches should not be kept late waiting for parents to pick up their children.

  • For safety reasons, cheerleaders at the Mite and Peewee levels (grades 2-6) will not be allowed to leave the practice pickup area without a parent or guardian. You must park your car and walk over to pick up your child.

  • All cell phones must be turned off during practices. No calls or texts without permission from an adult coach.

  • If practice must be canceled due to severe weather, every effort will be made to let you know. Please check your texts, emails, and the Facebook group before heading to practice on days with questionable weather conditions. If heavy rain and/or thunder and lightning occur during practice, please come to the practice field immediately to pick up your child.

  • Bring a water bottle. For safety reasons, cheerleaders will not be allowed to practice if they do not bring water.

  • Use the restroom before coming to practice.

  • Apply sunscreen and bug spray before coming to practice (if needed).

  • Unless otherwise noted, all SciCoh cheerleading practices are closed practices. Parents, siblings and friends can be a distraction to our cheerleaders, especially our youngest ones.

  • Visit the Practice Rules Page for more information.

 practice Attendance policy

  • Attendance at practices is required to ensure the safety and success of all teams. We cannot safely and efficiently teach halftime and sideline routines when there are absences. If one member of a stunt group is absent, the entire stunt group cannot practice. Empty spaces in cheer and dance formations cause confusion for the rest of the team. Absences set teams back because of the constant need to play “catch up” at the next practice. Please respect your child’s teammates and coaches by attending all practices.

  • Any cheerleader having more than two unexcused absences during the pre-season practice schedule (8/20-9/5) will not be placed in a stunting position and may be removed from the halftime performance. This is done for safety reasons, and also to allow teams to move forward with routines and progression of skills. Please make coaches aware of any anticipated absences BEFORE practices begin on August 20th.

  • Continued unexcused absences may result in dismissal from the cheerleading program.

  • Regularly arriving late and/or leaving early from practices will not be tolerated. Coaches will keep track of missed time. If a cheerleader reaches a total of 120 minutes, one unexcused absence will be added to their attendance record.

  • Excused absences are only allowed for serious/contagious illness, family emergency, etc. Coaches must be notified prior to practices or games in order to be excused. Birthday parties, family trips, camps, other sports/activities, etc are not excused.

  • If your child will be absent or late for practice, you must contact their coach(es). Please do not rely on teammates to let them know.

  • Visit the Practice Rules Page for more information.


  • All cheerleaders will be given a uniform for the season.

  • Uniforms are the property of the SciCoh program and must be treated accordingly.

  • Uniforms are only to be worn on game days, competition days, or other predetermined SciCoh events.

  • Uniforms are not to be loaned out to friends or family members.

  • Uniforms are not to be worn as Halloween costumes or as costumes in school plays, talent shows, etc.

  • Uniform Fitting Date – Wednesday, June 5th, 5:30-7:00PM, location TBD.

  • Uniform Handouts will be held in August. Date, time and location TBD. $200 uniform deposit checks are required at handouts. Deposit checks will be destroyed when uniforms are handed back clean and undamaged.

Required Uniform Accessories

  • White Bodysuit (full length - not crop), Royal Blue **BOY SHORTS** - purchased online at, or locally at Broadway Dance Boutique in Norwell. Approximate cost $16 for bodysuit, $8 for briefs.

  • Plain Black Leggings (ankle length, not crop or capri; no lace, zippers or rhinestones) - purchased at any major retail store. Cost varies by store.

  • Socks - White no-show athletic socks, purchased at any major retail store. Cost varies by store.

  • Sneakers – Any white CHEER sneakers, as long as they are clean and in good condition - purchased online through various sites, or at Good Sport, Rt 3A Cohasset. Cost varies

  • “SciCoh” Game Day Bag - Purchased at Good Sport, Rt 3A Cohasset. Approximate cost $25

  • Warm Up jacket and pants - Purchased from Rockland Athletics in August. More info TBA. Approximate cost $85

  • Game Day Bow – TBA

  • Previously owned items may be available for sale or swap. More info as practice season approaches.


  • Our first game will be the weekend of Sept. 8th. (day, time and location TBA). Teams will cheer a total of TEN GAMES PER SEASON - eight regular season games (home and away), one Playoff game, and one Superbowl game (if football teams qualify). Most games are played on Sunday mornings/afternoons, with the possibility of one or two Saturday evening games.


  • Pre-game practices will be approximately one hour before each game. Exact practice times TBD by coaches.

  • Coaches reserve the right to remove a cheerleader from that day’s halftime performance if they are more than 15 minutes late for the pre-game practice. This is not done as punishment but for safety reasons. During the season, game teams do not practice during the week. This pre-game practice is the only time to work on stunts and halftime routines and ensure the safety of all team members. If a cheerleader is not there on time for the pre-game practice, coaches must change the halftime routine accordingly. It is not safe to change the halftime routine back again when and if the tardy cheerleader arrives.

  • If your child will be absent from a game, or late for the pre-game practice, you must contact their coach(es). Please do not rely on teammates to let them know

  • Transportation to all games is the responsibility of parents/guardians.

  • Game schedules will be made available as soon as they are finalized by the football league.

  • Teams cheer in all (safe) weather conditions.

  • Visit the Game Day Rules Page for more information.


  • SciCoh Competition teams will participate in three competitions for the 2019 season.

  • Competition Info Meeting – Wednesday, June 5th, 7:00pm. Location TBD.

  • Tentative Competition Dates – Wednesday, June 5th, 7:00pm. Location TBD.

  • Competition is not mandatory, however if your child does sign up to compete, choreography is mandatory, all three competitions are mandatory, and all practices are mandatory.

  • Choreography Dates (2 days per team) - Mites and Peewees - TBD if there is enough interest in Competition; Midgets Saturday 8/17 and Sunday 8/18, 9am-3pm each day

  • Choreography will take place at East Celebrity Elite Cheer Gym in Hingham.


  • There will be a $150 fee for all competition team cheerleaders, due on June 5th.

  • Do not share any competition routine/practice pictures or videos on social media, or via text or email, until after our final competition.

  • Visit the Competition Page for more information.

Injury Policy

  • If your child is injured and cannot participate at practices and/or games, you must provide a doctor’s note excusing them. You must also provide a doctor’s note clearing them before they can resume any cheerleading activity.


  • Tumbling is a very big part of cheerleading. All SciCoh cheerleaders are expected to take tumbling classes to advance their skills. We will schedule private SciCoh classes and clinics throughout the season at East Celebrity Elite Cheer Gym in Hingham. These classes are the best option for the desired results, and allow SciCoh cheerleaders to tumble together, encourage each other, and form strong bonds.

Community Service

  • SciCoh Youth Cheerleading will participate in community service projects/events throughout the season. Cheerleaders are expected to participate whenever possible. More information as it becomes available.


  • All cheerleaders are required to participate in all SciCoh program fundraisers. Competition cheerleaders may be required to participate in additional fundraisers to help offset competition costs.

Baseline Testing Policy

  • For the safety of our players and cheerleaders, SciCoh recommends that players and cheerleaders age 10 or older, must have a Baseline Concussion Test before August practices. Baseline tests are good for two years. Baseline tests are not mandatory.


  • Every cheerleader is expected to be on their best behavior at all times - respecting all coaches, junior coaches, board members, teammates, football players, opponents, fans, vendors and game day officials.

  • Any behavior considered inappropriate, disruptive, disrespectful and/or unsafe will result in dismissal from the cheerleading program.

  • Bullying or harassment of any kind is prohibited, both at cheer and outside of cheer. This includes in person, written, phone calls, emails, texts, and cyber-bullying (Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, etc). Such actions will not be tolerated and will result in dismissal from the program.

  • Negative or inappropriate social media posts, texts, pics, etc regarding OCYFL, OCYCA, the SciCoh program, board of directors, coaches, players or cheerleaders are prohibited.

  • The use of alcohol, drugs, or tobacco products is prohibited.

  • Stunting outside of SciCoh practices and events is prohibited.

  • All SciCoh cheerleaders will demonstrate the highest level of good sportsmanship at all SciCoh practices, games, competitions and other events. Poor sportsmanship will not be tolerated and could result in dismissal from the program.

  • Our cheerleaders’ actions are a direct reflection on their teammates, coaches, the SciCoh program, as well as the towns of Scituate and Cohasset. Please act accordingly.

All questions and concerns should be directed to SciCoh Cheerleading Director: Sheila Mahoney at