A SciCoh Family’s Point of View

The SciCoh program has had a profound impact on each of its families. In this column, we feature one of our outstanding young men each week and provide you with insight into what it’s like to belong to the SciCoh Family from a player and parent perspective.

Coby Alden-Danforth

AGE: 10

Town: Scituate

years in the scicoh program: 1

Coby Alden-Danforth.jpg

a player’s perspective:

To me, the Sci-Coh program is like having a second family. You are together pretty much five days a week. Your team jokes around with each other just like you would with your family. 

The SciCoh program taught me that being on a real team brings out the best in you. It shows you who you really are. When you get on that field and your coach asks you to do something it brings out what you're capable of.

I have learned that I am capable of a lot more than I thought. 

My favorite memory is when we would all cross our hands and a teammate would dive on our hands. We would have to run with them in our arms across the field carrying them. 

a parent’s perspective:

The SciCoh program has exceeded my expectations of what a youth sports organization could ever be. Throughout my life, there have been two seasons: football season and waiting for football season. My step-father and his brothers played through college and his father and one brother played in the NFL (yes, that's a corny shout out to the Bouley Boys). Needless to say, football was a constant in our house and I spent my formative years playing two hand touch with a 6 ft. 4 in. former lineman in between dance recitals and soccer games. As much fun as it was to get dirty and scuff a few knees, it was his stories about being on a football team that made me love the game. Whether it was Pops Bouley playing for the Cleveland/LA Rams with the great Elroy "Crazylegs" Hirsch or my 60 year old step-father reminiscing over a JJ's frappe about going up against Howie Long (if I do recall, Howie got the best of him), one thing was clear: being on a football team is always about being more than an individual and doing more than you  ever thought you were capable of. So to me, SciCoh is more than Scituate and Cohasset; it is more than the Old Colony Football League; to me, SciCoh is an opportunity for my son to be a part of something larger than himself, to be challenged beyond his wildest expectations, and to have something to look back on as a middle aged man and say "Holy Smokes Batman, those were the days".