Letter from SciCoh president, ROBYN SULLIVAN

Welcome to the 2015 season of SciCoh Football & Cheerleading! Season to season - our executive board, coaches, parent volunteers and student-athletes continue to work towards improving our program. There is more to be learned from football than football itself. 

It's not the wins and losses define us but our players ability to show the values of honor, respect, teamwork, self-discipline, gamesmanship and community. With that said, we presently have about 250 players and 100 cheerleaders participating in the program which will make for an exciting football season!

It is our goal to have SciCoh recognized for its exceptional effort, character and sense of fair play throughout the season. We ask that all players, coaches, parents and spectators pledge to uphold these values as well.

Special thanks to all of the coaches and parents for supporting our football and cheer program. We would not have the program that we have today without your dedication.
I look forward to seeing you on the sidelines this weekend!

Robyn Sullivan | SciCoh President
SciCoh Youth Football and Cheerleading