SciCoh Youth Cheerleading 

2019 Game Day Rules

Please read, save and post this information. Dates, times and locations are subject to change.

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All cheerleaders are to arrive on time at their designated report times for mandatory practice before each game. Coaches reserve the right to remove a cheerleader from that day’s halftime performance if they are more than 15 minutes late for the pre-game practice. This is not done as punishment but for safety reasons. During the season, game teams do not practice during the week. This pre-game practice is the only time to work on stunts and halftime routines and ensure the safety of all team members. If a cheerleader is not there on time for the pre-game practice, coaches must change the halftime routine accordingly. It is not safe to change the halftime routine back again when and if the cheerleader arrives. See SciCoh Youth Cheerleading 2019 Season Rules and Information under “Games”.

 If you need a ride on game day call one of your teammates. Not having a ride or getting lost are not excusable reasons for being late or missing a game.

 If your child will be absent from a game, or late for the pre-game practice, you must contact their coach(es). Please do not rely on teammates to let them know

  • Cheerleaders must arrive in full uniform – bodysuit, vest, skirt, briefs, no-show socks, sneakers, and bow. Always bring your warm ups and black leggings. If a cheerleader does not have her full uniform, coaches reserve the right to have her sit out for sidelines and/or halftime.

  • Cheerleaders must arrive with their hair in a high & tight ponytail with a white or black elastic – no odd colors! Bow must be visible from the front and tails must face forward. Those cheerleaders with short hair must wear it half up/half down. NO LOW PONYTAILS - NO WISPY OR LOOSE HAIRS - USE GEL OR HAIRSPRAY.

  • The practice before the game is for practice. It is not the time to be dressing for the game, fixing hair, removing nail polish, etc. This all must be done prior to arrival at the field.

  • For safety reasons, no jewelry, no long fingernails and no nail polish.

  • If needed, please apply sunscreen and bug spray BEFORE coming to your game.

  • Each cheerleader must carry a bag to every game. Girls should pack their warm ups, black leggings, water and whatever else they may need on game day. If a cheerleader will be arriving early or staying late for another game, please bring a change of clothes.

  • Bring water to every game – only water. No soda, juice, Gatorade or Powerade - they stain uniforms. For safety reasons, cheerleaders will not be allowed to cheer if they do not bring water.– only water. No soda, juice, Gatorade or Powerade - they stain uniforms. For safety reasons, cheerleaders will not be allowed to cheer if they do not bring water.

  • If you need to purchase water from the snack bar you must arrive early to do so. You are not allowed to waste practice time.

  • There will be no eating during the game. Games are only 1 hour long. Sometimes there is an unusually long delay of game. In this case ONLY, cheerleaders will be allowed to have a “dry” snack, i.e. crackers, pretzels, Goldfish.

  • Absolutely no eating while in uniform unless given permission from your coaches during a long delay of game. Any cheerleader who will be eating before or after their game must wear a t-shirt or jacket over their uniform. NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • All cell phones must be turned off during games. No calls or texts without permission from an adult coach.

  • Cheerleaders are not allowed to leave the sideline area without permission from an adult coach.

  • Cheerleaders are not allowed to go to the restrooms alone.

  • Parents, family, and friends are asked to not distract our cheerleaders by calling them over to the fence or bleachers during games. If there is something important you need to communicate to your child, please let her coach know.

  • If a parent would like to discuss an issue or concern with the coach, do not do so during pre-game practice or game, unless it is an emergency. Please wait till the game is over or contact your child’s coach to set up time to discuss non-emergency issues or concerns.

  • Cheerleaders will follow the instructions of their coaches and junior coaches at all times. There will be no talking on the sidelines and no moving out of formation unless given permission by your coaches.

  • All cheerleaders will be on their best behavior during games - showing respect to all coaches, junior coaches, teammates, cheerleaders, football players, officials and fans at all times. Cheerleaders will practice good sportsmanship at all times. Unsportsmanlike conduct of any kind will not be tolerated and could result in dismissal from the program.

  • Cheerleaders will represent the towns of Scituate and Cohasset with pride and spirit both home and away. During home games, a friendly and welcoming attitude is to be shown to all visiting players, cheerleaders, coaches, officials and fans.

All questions and concerns should be directed to Scicoh Cheerleading Director: Sheila Mahoney at