A Proud Moment for Coach Sullivan’s 8th Grade Sharks!

From a Hanover Parent:

My name is Brian Gill and I am a parent of an 8th grader from Hanover.

On Sunday, September 21st, we played against Coach Sullivan's team. My 8 year old son Gavin is the team water-boy. Gavin has Special Needs and loves to watch his brothers team play. He walks the sidelines in pads and a helmet cheering on the team. He will never be able to play any organized sports due to medical condition.

At the end of this game, Coach Sullivan and his team stayed on the field and allowed my son Gavin to play one play!

When Hanover Coach McLeod asked for a volunteer from the Scituate team, EVERY player raised their hands. When the play was over, the whole SciCoh team clapped and patted Gavin on the head.

I cannot express enough what a great team they are! With all that is wrong in sports today, your team showed what role models look like. I hope your coaches and players read this so they know how much we appreciate what they did for my son. 

Thank You!