Concussions in youth sports is a reality! A Head of the Game can help you prepare.


In the United States, over 300,000 sports-related concussions occur annually, and the likelihood of suffering a concussion while playing a contact sport is estimated to be as high as 19% per year of play. More than 62,000 concussions are sustained each year in high-school contact sports.

Are you prepared if your child is injured?

Having a Baseline test in place is an invaluable tool used by doctors to determine the severity of a concussion and to provide proper treatment. Along with physical assessment, ImPACT™ testing puts a strong foundation in place to manage the concussion properly and return your student athlete to school and to play. ImPACT™ testing is a computerized neurocognitive exam that measures your child's cognitive abilities such as recall, reaction time and pattern recognition. The test takes approximately 35 minutes to administer. Test scores are stored on ImPACT's secure site and are password protected. Test results are provided to ImPACT Specialists if an injury is suspected.

Cost is $45/per person for group baseline testing.
Players must be ten years or older.


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