Support SciCoh’s Robyn Sullivan as She Marathons for Boston Children’s Hospital

Robyn Sullivan supported by her two sons.

Robyn Sullivan supported by her two sons.


Please join us and wish our co-president, Robyn Sullivan luck next week as she will be running the Boston Marathon. Please read her story below:

I am honored to be part of the 2015 Boston Celtics Shamrock Foundation Marathon team. Not only is this my first marathon on Monday, April 20th but it is the three year anniversary of my father's passing.

I remember vividly my father standing in my kitchen and saying – “I just got the opportunity to go skiing in Chile, should I go?”

We all responded a resounding "yes”, when else would this opportunity come along in his lifetime – to ski in a part of the world that he had always wanted to ski. I wasn’t even sure why he was asking, of course I knew he was going to go, whether it was skiing, sailing on his beloved Gracie, fly-fishing, hiking or getting to ride his motorcycle across Utah, if the opportunity was there to be outside, enjoy an adventure, enjoy life, he was going to do it because in the blink of an eye everything can change.

When his skiing accident happened, I mourned then, I knew that life for my father as he knew it and lived it was over. It was extremely difficult to handle at the time but his will to live as a quadriplegic for that short period of time gave us the opportunity to say goodbye to him and that is not something every family has and for that I am grateful.

Do I wish now that I had responded differently to his question about going skiing in Chile? No. Nothing is guaranteed, nothing is given. It’s ok to look forward to tomorrow but you must cherish and live in the present. One thing that I learned from my father was to make the most of opportunities that present themselves and this is one of those opportunities. When I feel as if I want to give up with the training and that I cannot run another mile, I think of the strength and love for our family that my father had to hang on. This is an example of the true testament to the will we all have inside of us to persevere.

It is an understatement to say that the time he lived was trying – a roller coaster of emotions that I would never wish upon anyone. But like my father would have wanted, I learned. It may sound cliché but the true value of your life is those that you have in it. The support that I received when I told people that I would be running the marathon has been humbling. I am so lucky to have so many tremendous people in my life especially my running partner Lori.


With that said, please support me in this journey with the Boston Celtics Shamrock Foundation specifically their partner Boston Children's Hospital (and their Orthopedic Center's Spinal Program).

Thank You!