In Addition to the Football Equipment Provided by SciCoh

As we "gear up" for  football season, we decided to send out a helpful equipment checklist. Items highlighted, are not included within the equipment package handed out on Saturday. These extra items  will need to bought through a sporting goods retailer.

From the top down:

  1. Mouthguard. 
    There may be one in your equipment packet. We recommend buying at least one more. There is nothing worse than trying to find one near a strange playing field on a Sunday morning.
  2. Practice Jersey
  3. Rib Pads
    Some players (and parents) believe in extra protection around a player's middle.
  4. Arm Pads & Wrist Bands
    Some wear them for protection. Others wear them for the "swagger factor."
  5. Girdle
    These are often included within the equipment packet. Most players that we know, prefer to buy a new pair, or two.
  6. Protective Cup
  7. Receiver Gloves
    Great for better grip and swagger.
  8. Practice Pants
    There are generally two kinds. Those with the pads sewn in, and those where the pads need insertion. Inserting pads and making it to practice on time has mentally numbed more than one parent. We recommend the pad-in variety. A second pair is also ideal.
  9. Cleats

As a Reminder: 

Cohasset's Good Sport, a longtime supporter, has a large assortment of items in stock. 

Saturday's SciCoh Day, includes a 20% discount on football gear and cheerleader shoe sales. Shoppers may also take advantage of their multi-sport cleat sale! All cleats are now 10% off!

Football-related purchases, will also include a FREE refillable plastic water bottle (while supplies last).