2016 Season Wrap-Up


Dear Friends of Cohasset/Scituate Youth Football & Cheerleading:

I can’t believe that the 2016 SciCoh football and cheerleading season has come to an end. It seems like yesterday that I was writing my welcome letter to all of you, we had equipment/uniform handout, started practices, went to the official weigh-in, attended the SciCoh Bowl, had opening day and our last games respectfully, awards nights and the 8th grade banquet took place then we handed our equipment/uniforms back in for the season. Definitely a whirlwind of a season!

The game of football has so much to offer. Success in football requires selflessness and teamwork. It is impossible to have any success without your teammates. It teaches what it means to be a part of something bigger than oneself. In addition to teamwork - football develops physical, emotional and mental toughness. It instills self-confidence and self-discipline in addition to teaching the value of hard work, commitment, and the power that a positive attitude has.

We all want our children to grow up to be responsible adults and contribute to society in a meaningful way. I cannot imagine my boys lives without the valuable lessons, situations, and experiences that football has provided them thus far. The most valuable things that football has given them are the lifelong relationships they have already made and will continue to make long after SciCoh whether they are playing football in High School or beyond. It is truly a life changing game! 

The season could not happen without our board members. I’d like to acknowledge them below for their time, energy and effort. The program would not be as successful as it is today without them.

John Rosen, Tom Quinn, Beth Kinsley, Mike Jones, Mary Henry, Kelly Walsh, Danielle Bossey, Jen Chatterton, Greg Harris, Rick Bartley, Jim Stanley, Nancy Goyette and Sheila Mahoney.

While, I am recognizing board members, I would like to take this opportunity to mention that we are always recruiting new board members. The majority of our board consists of parents from the current 7th-grade team. When this team graduates from SciCoh next year (my son being one of them), the program will be left with only a handful of board members which is not enough to run an effective program. SciCoh will be in jeopardy of not continuing - so please consider joining the board this coming year. 

Thank you to all of the parents for your commitment to getting your children to all of the practices, games and other events we had each week. I know its a lot but so worth seeing those smiling faces out on the field.

Thank you to all the team moms and volunteers, game day’s would not run without you!

To the assistant coaches for your time coaching this season. The amount of time you spent with the players/cheerleaders on the field and off shows great devotion.

To our head coaches, the role of head coach is never an easy one. It takes a special kind of talent knowing how to provide just the right balance of discipline, motivation, and guidance to develop and bring out the personal best in every player/cheerleader out on that field.

To the players, we wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you. Thank you for playing the game we all love so much!

To the cheerleaders, thank you for bringing your unwavering spirit each game. Your support of the teams has been second to none!

Finally, best of luck to our graduating 8th-grade players, coaches and their families! Thank you all for your time spent in the program. We look forward to watching you play or cheer in high school next year!
With that said - thank you for a great season! Please have a happy and safe holiday! See you in 2017!

Best Regards,
Robyn Sullivan, SciCoh President