A SciCoh Family’s Point of View

The SciCoh program has had a profound impact on each of its families. In this column, we feature one of our outstanding young men each week and provide you with insight into what it’s like to belong to the SciCoh Family from a player and parent perspective.

Logan Laivins

AGE: 10

Town: Scituate

years in the scicoh program: 1

Logan Laivins.jpg

a player’s perspective:

Logan learned about the importance of conditioning and preparation to build skill and confidence. Logan also shared that he learned that he could play an important role on the team without having to be a QB or running back.  In Logan’s words, “Coach told me that when I play linebacker, I need to be patient, and to watch how the play is developing so I can defend effectively”.

When Logan made his first open field tackle in an important game, he learned how great it feels to make a key play and hear his teammates, coaches and family cheer for him. It was real joy to see him on the sidelines with his football brothers, grinning from ear-to-ear inside that oversized helmet, and shoulder pads.

a parent’s perspective:

Logan’s Dad Peter was amazed to see how much the game has changed from a technical and safety perspective since he played high school football. “I noticed that each of Logan’s coaches focused on safety first, game skills, and understanding the principles of positional play”.

His Mom Donna commented that “Every evening Logan was eager and ready to go to practice, often telling us to hurry up so he wouldn’t be late. And when we picked him up afterwards, he was happy, tired and dirty!”

As parents of a first year player, Peter and Donna really appreciated the discipline and respect the coaches showed for each of the players. And in return the players made a real effort to listen, learn and work hard. Logan, and now his brother Cole both can’t wait for the 2019 SciCoh football season to start again this August!