A SciCoh Family’s Point of View

The SciCoh program has had a profound impact on each of its families. In this column, we feature one of our outstanding young men each week and provide you with insight into what it’s like to belong to the SciCoh Family from a player and parent perspective.

Grayson Foley

AGE: 10

Town: Scituate

years in the scicoh program: 3

Grayson Foley.jpg

a player’s perspective:

Football is exciting so much fun! You create new friends that last for a long time! The coaches are nice and help you learn to play football.  We all work as a team on and off the field!

a parent’s perspective:

From the time the kids step onto that football field, the coaches are there teaching them proper techniques on how to tackle, carry the ball, playing offense or defense and learning  the playbook.  We couldn’t be any happier with the program and the precautions they take around safety on and off the field! One of the best-organized sports programs in Scituate!