A SciCoh Family’s Point of View

The SciCoh program has had a profound impact on each of its families. In this column, we feature one of our outstanding young men each week and provide you with insight into what it’s like to belong to the SciCoh Family from a player and parent perspective.

Nicolai Bokavich

AGE: 12

years in the scicoh program: 1

a player’s perspective:

The Scicoh Football program means a lot to me.  It taught me about sportsmanship and teamwork.  My favorite memory was when we won our first game.

a parent’s perspective:

The 2018 Scicoh Season was Nicolai’s first season on the team and first season playing tackle football.  I was extremely apprehensive and nervous.  After meeting the coaches, meeting the board, and reading all of the coach communication I was more than confident in the organization and impressed with the family/team atmosphere inclusive of both the players and the parents.

Nicolai not only learned plays and tackling techniques, he also learned a great deal about respect of authority and competition, what is means to be on a team and the value of exercise and healthy choices.