SciCoh Youth Cheerleading 

2019 Practice Rules

Please read, save and post this information. Dates, times and locations are subject to change.

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Pre-season Practices

  • Pre-Season Mini Camp – August 13-14 with SHS Varsity Cheer. Location, time, and cost TBD.

  • Pre-Season practices begin Tuesday, August 20th, 5:00-7:00pm. Location TBD. Pre-season practice schedule: Tuesdays 5-7pm – ALL TEAMS; Wednesdays 5-7pm–COMPETITON TEAMS ONLY; Thursdays 5-7pm – ALL TEAMS. Location TBD

  • Pre-season practices will run 8/20-9/5. Game practices will be held approximately 1 hour before each game (TBD by coaches).

  • Cheerleading and football do not follow the same practice schedules.

  • Unless otherwise noted, all SciCoh cheerleading practices are closed practices. Parents, siblings and friends can be a distraction to our cheerleaders, especially our youngest ones.

  • If a parent would like to discuss an issue or concern with the coach, do not do so during practice, unless it is an emergency. Please wait till after practice or contact your child’s coach to set up a time to discuss non-emergency issues or concerns.

practice Dress Code

  •  Hair up in a high ponytail. No long bangs or loose hair which may obstruct vision.

  • All cheerleaders must wear a bow.

  • Wide strap tank tops or t-shirts only, with a bra/sports bra if necessary. No spaghetti strap tank tops.

  • Athletic shorts only, with spandex shorts/briefs under if shorts are loose fitting. No jeans, jean shorts or jean skirts/skorts.

  • Cheer sneakers - no bare feet, flip flops, sandals, platform, Converse or slip on sneakers.


  • If you will be out for the day and coming straight to practice, please plan accordingly and pack appropriate practice clothes/sneakers.

DRop-off & Pick-up

Please drop off and pick up on time. No child will ever be left alone to wait for their ride, however, our volunteer coaches have family and work obligations and should not be kept late waiting for parents to pick up their children. Also, please be aware that cheerleaders at the Mite and Peewee levels (grades 2-6) will not be allowed to leave the pickup area without a parent or guardian. You must park your car and walk over to pick up your child. We understand this may be an inconvenience, but your child's safety is our number one priority. We appreciate your cooperation on this important safety rule.


Attendance is required to ensure the safety and success of all teams. When girls miss practice, it impacts the entire team. We cannot safely choreograph a halftime performance when there are excessive absences. Please make every effort to attend ALL practices. Excessive absences could result in exclusion from stunting and the halftime performance, and/or removal from the cheerleading program. If your child will be absent or late for practice, you must contact their coach(es). Please do not rely on teammates to let them know. See attendance policy in SciCoh Youth Cheerleading 2019 Season Rules and Information.

cell phones

All cell phones must be turned off during practices. No calls or texts without permission from an adult coach.


If practice must be canceled due to severe weather, every effort will be made to contact you. Please check your emails, texts, voicemails and Facebook before heading to practice on days with questionable weather conditions. If heavy rain and/or thunder and lightning occur during practice, please come to the practice field immediately to pick up your child.

Bring your own water bottle – NO WATER, NO PRACTICE!

Apply bug spray before coming to practice

Use the restroom before coming to practice

All questions and concerns should be directed to Scicoh Cheerleading Director: Sheila Mahoney at