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Welcome to the 2019 Season!

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With back to school and the football season in full swing, we thought it would be helpful to remind everyone that Casino Night is ONE WEEK from TODAY! Below are some details that can clear the air about what, when and where Casino Night is and why it’s so important to our program!

What: 2nd Annual SciCoh Casino Night Fundraiser - (you paid $100 at equipment handout for your entry into the event) - if you have not yet submitted your donation you can do so three different ways:

  1. Venmo @SciCoh-Sharks

  2. Write a check and give it to any board member you see working the games all weekend long - Checks made out to SciCoh for $100

  3. Credit Card: See Kristen MacDonald on Sunday at the Merchandise table in Cohasset and she can take your donation!

What #2: What the heck is Casino Night? Good question - Casino Night is the only SciCoh fundraiser we have, our only event of the year that raises money to help run the program (see below).

  1. Your $100 donation includes a great night out with your fellow SciCoh friends/family and new friends yet to be made

  2. $1,000 in starting money/poker chips

  3. A professionally run Casino Night with professional table dealers, emcee and DJ

  4. Raffles, Auctions and even Prizes for the top 3 winners!

  5. Cash Bar, pizza and light desserts

  6. A fabulous time!

When: Saturday, September 21st @ 7:00 pm (yep - that’s only a week away)

Where: 44 Jericho Road, Scituate (same place as last year if you attended)

Who: Anyone that would like to enjoy a nice night out with a fun bunch of football fans! You do not need to be a member of SciCoh to attend.

Why: SciCoh Youth Football & Cheer is a non profit organization. We rely SOLELY on donations to run this program. How many things do we actually have to pay for? How about we name just a few…

  1. Insurance

  2. Field Use/Permits

  3. Lights on all practice fields

  4. Game Day Officials

  5. Membership to the OCYFL

  6. Updated Equipment (those shiny new helmets this year sure cost a pretty penny)

  7. New Cheer Uniforms 2019!

  8. Porta-Potty’s at practice fields - not glamourus but hey…

  9. Website Platform

  10. Credit Card usage/swiper/ipad

  11. Uniform updates (t-shirts, socks, mouth guards)

  12. I could go on but I feel like I’m boring you….

Those are the basics! Once again, if you have not already submitted your $100 donation please submit it today! If you find that this donation causes a financial hardship for you please give Kerri Johnson at call @ 781-953-2006

We look forward to seeing everyone next Saturday and Let’s Go Sharks!

It’s time to shop ‘till you drop!

The SciCoh Store is OPEN!

Check us out here!

Families of SciCoh Youth Football & Cheer,

As you may have heard, some legislators in our area are proposing a new bill to the State House that restricts the age children can begin to play tackle football to grade 8 (Bill H.2007 is being proposed to add to General Laws, Part I, TitleXVI, Chapter 111, Section 222).

The SciCoh Youth Football program takes the safety of our players very seriously both on the practice field and the game turf. As a program we mandate USA Football Training for every level of coach every single season. The training our coaches receive prior to the season is invaluable and puts player safety at the forefront. We are also a certified Heads Up Tackle program.

Coaches and board members are First Aid and/or CPR certified and hired EMT’s are at all games. SciCoh regularly inspects helmets and pads and we have our helmets reconditioned by common practice.

Having said all of this, we want to express our opposition to this particular bill. We, as a program feel the sport teaches so many valuable lessons to our young boys and girls. We see the kids grow and flourish, make lifelong friends and then take their skills to high school and beyond.

We believe in our coaches, players, and families and we are all so thankful to the SciCoh Youth Football program. Please take a moment to consider signing (and sharing) the attached petition to help stop this bill from passing. You can also write to your local legislature and address your opposition to this bill.

Senate Representative both towns:

Cohasset State Representative:

Scituate State Representative:

SciCoh Youth Football and Cheerleading Board of Directors


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